A technology spin-off from OceansLab, Genevos brings advanced performance and clean energy innovations

Race to zero emissions

OceansLab is an offshore racing campaign uniquely innovating and showcasing critical renewable energy technologies for a clean maritime industry today.

OceansLab - Race to Zero Emissions - Credit Olivier Blanchet Photographie
OceansLab IMOCA60 side view www.oceanslab.world

Setting world firsts

OceansLab aims to race around the world powering backup electronics with the Genevos Hydrogen Power Module (HPM).

Racing aboard an IMOCA 60 – the fastest monohull in the world today. OceansLab will compete in the crewed 2022 Ocean Race, and the solo non-stop, Vendee Globe in 2024.

The races will take OceansLab through the most extreme oceanic environments demonstrating the performance advantages and durability of the HPM in harsh conditions.

Led by Phil Sharp

At the forefront of ocean racing. Phil has 25 podiums to his name including several solo transatlantic races, and world speed records.

A mechanical engineer by trade specialising in composites and clean energy innovations.

Phil’s problem solving skills and never giving up attitude combine to make a competitive entry with zero race retirements to date.

Phil Sharp Credit Vincent Olivaud www.olivaud.com

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