Innovating for a clean maritime future

Hydrogen Power Module ‘HPM

The Genevos HPM is a marinised fuel cell pack that has been designed to entirely replace fossil fuelled systems, with higher efficiency and competitive on weight and motoring range.

Genevos Hydrogen Power Module Credit Gilles Delacuvellerie
Genevos Hydrogen Power Module Side View Credit Gilles Delacuvellerie

Plug & Play Solution

  • Fully integrated – fast and logical installation

  • Marinised – resistant to maritime environment

  • Modular – simple customisation

  • Advanced energy management system – full user control

Solar Impulse Efficient Solution Label

The HPM has been attributed the “Solar Impulse Efficient Solution” Label as part of the first 1000 solutions to change the world

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Solar Impulse Efficient Solution Label

Modular Integration

HPM Power Packs

A scalable solution

HPM-15 kW


HPM-30 kW


HPM-45 kW


HPM-100 kW


HPM Benefits

Accelerating the clean power transition

Water Molecule

Clean Power

The HPM offers a 100% zero emissions solution releasing only water as a by-product, whilst its marinised design ensures complete resistance to the harsh oceanic environment

Diversified Applications

Meeting zero emissions needs across the sector

Genevos Hydrogen Power Module Primary Propulsion

Primary Propulsion

  • HPM hybridised battery buffer
  • Propulsion and on board electronics
  • Application examples: yachts, small ferries, small commercial craft

Secondary Propulsion

  • HPM hybridised diesel-electric system
  • Low power propulsion
  • Application examples: inshore passenger ferries, service vessels, fishing vessels

Genevos Vision - Hydrogen Power Ferries
Genevos Vision - Hydorgen Powered Commercial Vessels

Auxiliary systems

  • 100% HPM power generation for auxiliary systems
  • Application examples: large commercial vessels moored, anchored in restricted pollution zones

Why Hydrogen