Approval in Principle (AiP) has been awarded to Genevos for the complete hydrogen energy system installation on board the IMOCA ‘OceansLab – Cleantech Accelerator’. The approval was provided by Lloyds Register (“LR”), a leading provider of classification and global services in marine engineering and technology.


The awarded AiP includes the validation of the hydrogen system design and safety concept in addition to the full hydrogen installation, storage and power systems. The technical review, inspection, and tests certified the full energy system in accordance with maritime safety standards. This follows on from the 2021 AiP awarded to Genevos for their 15 kW Hydrogen Power Module (“HPM-15”) installed in the IMOCA, and for the use on ocean going ships, yachts, and Special Service Craft.

The vessel, a pioneering hydrogen-electric IMOCA yacht named ‘OceansLab – Cleantech Accelerator’, is intended for professional ocean racing, with a core objective to demonstrate clean technologies for the maritime environment. The yacht will compete in transatlantic and around the world races collecting valuable data on new power technologies, notably the performance of fuel cells operating in an offshore environment. Ultimately, the project aims to set new standards for hydrogen power and storage in the maritime sector.

Genevos_IMOCA OceansLab ©blanchet

Genevos team on board IMOCA ‘OceansLab – Cleantech Accelerator’. Credit: Olivier Blanchet.

“LR is pleased to award AiP to Genevos for their hydrogen installation onboard the OceansLab – Cleantech Accelerator race boat after a thorough certification process. Throughout our 260-year history we have always strived to support innovation in maritime and this approval in principle signposts the valuable role competitive ocean racing can have in testing alternative fuels such as hydrogen.” Commented Tariq Berdai, LR Business Manager for France & Monaco.

In November the OceansLab race yacht became one of the first vessels to be fuelled with green hydrogen, which took place in the port of Chef de Baie, La Rochelle, and that was distributed by project Cleantech Hub Partner Brétéché.

“Last month we successfully achieved two important breakthroughs worldwide for hydrogen use in the maritime sector: completing one of the first fuellings of a vessel with green hydrogen, and achieving a safety validation from LR of the full hydrogen system installation. This was the result of a strong collaboration between ‘first-movers’ that succeeded in their mission.

“Today, these results will no doubt have a profound drop-down effect into the maritime sector, accelerating the transition towards true zero emission vessels.” Confirmed Phil Sharp, CTO and co-founder of Genevos, and skipper of OceansLab.

IMOCA OceansLab - Cleantech Accelerator © PuraVida Images

IMOCA ‘OceansLab – Cleantech Accelerator’. Credit: PuraVida Images.

Following initial offshore trails, the IMOCA will continue performance optimization throughout the winter months before relaunch ahead the first major transatlantic event, The Transat CIC, next April.

Genevos_IMOCA OceansLab ©blanchet

Genevos team on board ‘OceansLab – Cleantech Accelerator’. Credit: Olivier Blanchet.

Genevos_IMOCA OceansLab hydrogen refuelling ©blanchet

Phil Sharp : Genevos CTO and ‘OceansLab’ skipper. Credit: Olivier Blanchet.

Genevos_IMOCA OceansLab hydrogen tanks ©blanchet

One of the two hydrogen tanks on board the IMOCA. Credit: Olivier Blanchet.