Genevos has been granted Approval in Principle (AiP) for its Hydrogen Power Module (HPM) range, developed as a modular and drop-in zero emissions solution for the maritime industry.

January 20th, 2022

The HPM is a fully-integrated marine hydrogen fuel cell power pack intended to be installed above or below deck to meet power needs from 15 kW to 500 kW. The Genevos power module offers a compact, lightweight and ocean-resistant solution that uniquely integrates Cummins (previously Hydrogenics) advanced stacks, ensuring industry-leading lifetime, efficiency, and durability. The HPM range offers three modules of 15 kW, 30 kW and 40 kW, which can be stacked to achieve higher customised power outputs.

Approval in Principle (AiP) has been awarded by Lloyd’s Register (LR), a global professional services company specialising in marine engineering and technology, to Genevos for its hydrogen power modules: HPM-15, HPM-30 and HPM-40 for the use on ocean going ships, yachts, and special service craft. This followed a comprehensive review of the proposed design against LR’s latest Rules and Regulations for the Classification of Ships, Special Service Craft, and the 2017 version of the IGF Code – International Code of Safety for Ships Using Gases or Other Low-Flashpoint Fuels.

Following COP26 outcomes and growing industry targets to reduce shipping GHG emissions by at least 40% by 2030 compared to 2008 levels, the need for renewable fuels to power vessels has accelerated the development of green hydrogen solutions. In 2021 Genevos was selected as fuel cell provider under the HIMET (Hydrogen in an Integrated Maritime Energy Transition) project, and foresees significant opportunities in both the commercial and recreational sectors.

Phil Sharp, CTO at Genevos commented:

“This approval importantly confirms the safety and design principles of the HPM family, which has met the most stringent requirements for ocean–going vessels. It marks a significant turning point in helping us meet the marine sector’s urgent requirement for zero emission solutions.”

“By designing a fully-integrated plug and play power pack, the HPM enables practical installation aboard any vessel, simplifying this energy transition. We are proud to be a first-mover in developing green hydrogen technologies, which are vital in the marine sector’s journey towards net-zero.”

Ed Fort, LR’s Global Head of Engineering Systems, commented:

“This Approval in Principle is a significant milestone as the industry navigates the global shift to zero-carbon fuels and technologies in a safe and sustainable manner. We are proud to have worked with Genevos in supporting the development of the company’s Hydrogen Power Module range and look forward to the range’s successful deployment in decarbonising the maritime sector.”

Genevos Hydrogen Power Modules (Lab)

Genevos Hydrogen Power Modules (Lab)